School MEals


Second year Illustration students have been working hard this Semester on a collaboration with Dalmeny Primary School, Edinburgh.

Students from ECA visited the students at the primary school and spent time devising a recipe for each other made up of things such as their likes and dislikes, what they would be if they were an animal, what colour would they be….

The result is a fantastic collection of weird and wonderful interpretations these recipes in the form of a most unusual set of plates!





School Meals will be running at South Queensferry Library
9 Shore Road, South Queensferry
Thursday 2 May – Friday 17 May 2013
Mon & Wed 1pm-8pm, Tue, Thurs, Fri, Sat 10am–5pm

Posters of the plates will be on view at:
Waverley Court (courtyard level)
4 East Market Street, Edinburgh
Monday 29 April – Friday 10 May 2013


Our thanks go to Dalmeny Primary School students and staff for their hard work and enthusiasm, and to Jonathan, Vivian, Cate and Kasia from ECA. We are also grateful to South Queensferry Library and the City of Edinburgh Council for exhibiting the works. Well done to Kate Berry for her hard work photographing the plates and producing the posters for Waverley Court.


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