Our Second Year Students have been flexing their bookmaking muscles recently for our three week long MapBook project. The task was to produce a map book, with the theme and format being completely up to the individual.

Students produced a stunning range of books, including star charts, maps of the underworld, maps of Edinburgh, Ireland, South Africa, or Taipei or even more faraway places. Their books took the shape of folios, concertinas, float books and some for which a name has yet to be invented.

Map of the Greek Underworld – Peony Gent
Map of Irish Myths – Mhairi Braden


Map of a walk through Edinburgh – Victoria Ball


Beasts of Burden – Felix Miall
Taipei Travel Guide – Liv Wan
Map of Lithuania – Gabriele Lisauskaite

And to finish off, all maps were combined into one big big map by the students – look at them go!

photo by Gabriele Lisauskaite

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