Meet The Residents: Laura Darling

Currently I am working on a project for Dundee Rep, creating illustrations to accompany a new story written by Vivian French. Mammy McArthur’s Little Grey Mouse will be read to tiny wee baby children in a series of theatrical story-telling events throughout the festive season. In other news, I have recently rediscovered dip pens and am delighting in this wonderfully unpredictable and satisfying medium. I used dip pen and fine liner to design a poster for an upcoming multicultural fair, combining Western festive imagery and Middle Eastern mehndi style designs and patterns.

As an Artist in Residence I visit Edinburgh every Friday (I live in Dundee) to draw in the museum or zoo and to reconnect with the chatter of the studio. The residency is intrinsic to the evolution of my practice as it necessitates leaving home and working on ideas in a different environment. Listening in on studio meetings, wandering around the college library or even browsing the shop can spark ideas and push a project in a direction previously unconsidered.







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