Le Immagini Della Fantasia 32

Today in the Illustration Department we’re very excited to receive the 32nd edition of ‘Le immagini della fantasia’, the catalogue of an Italian exhibition that is currently showcasing the work of many of our talented staff and alumni. Every year Casa Della Fantsia invites illustrators, authors and publishers to represent the international illustration scene in all its amazing variety, and to confirm the value of the illustrated book.

Additionally, this year the exhibition celebrates Tales from Scotland. Triggered by the success of the 29th edition of ‘Le immagini della fantasia’ held in the Edinburgh College of Art Sculpture Court in 2012,  Casa Della Fantsia has dedicated an entire section to Scotland, with its traditional fairy tales and contemporary writers. The catalogue includes atmospheric glimpses of Scottish landscapes illustrated by Anine Bösenberg, Anna Forlati, Jonathan Gibbs, Philip Giordano, Kate Leiper, John Manna, Marina Marcolin, Kate McLelland, Domenica More Gordon, Lucie Müllerová, Paschetta Marco, Marco Soma, Emily Sutton, Francesca Zoboli.

Not to mention a wonderful poem written by tutor, Vivian French, following Scotland and its traditions in a thrilling journey throughout the year, each month illustrated by Edinburgh based artists in collaboration with the Edinburgh College of Art, including Anine Bösenberg, Laura Clark, Laura Darling, Hannah Foley, Jonathan Gibbs, Alexander Jackson, Cate James, Amy Johnston, Philip Longson, Kasia Matyjaszek, Kate McLelland, Eilidh Muldoon. (images found below)

Congratulations to all involved. The exhibition is being held at Sàrmede, Casa della fantasia, until January 18th 2015.

http://www.sarmedemostra.it/ita/anteprima-32.html Photo 03-12-2014 14 45 42calendar 1 calendar 2 calendar 3


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