Nostalgia & Progress: Illustration after the Second World War

The Illustration department couldn’t be more thrilled about the success of Nostalgia and Progress, a new exhibition showcasing the work of major post-war British illustrators, as well as contemporary illustrators inspired by the era. Held in the The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery, 12 November 2014 – 28 February 2015.

‘After the Second World War, book illustration needed to adapt and respond to a changing yet vibrant mass market in publishing. Contemporary British illustrators continue to find inspiration in this era, particularly in seeking to emulate the handmade and graphic qualities of post-war artwork. The spirit of ‘make do and mend’ has great resonance today, in an era of austerity. Though some contemporary illustrators continue to use traditional processes, others now re-create these effects using digital technologies. The exhibition will also feature a variety of recent illustrations by artists Emily Sutton, Mark Hearld, Ed Kluz, Louise Lockhart, Angie Lewin, Matthew The Horse, Tom Frost, Alice Pattullo, Jonathan Gibbs, William Goldsmith, and John Broadley.’ 

Traditional process in a digital age never fails to spark a healthy debate among our students, Nostalgia and Progress highlights and celebrates the relevance of a handmade aesthetic within contemporary illustration.

Not only is it a fantastic showcase of the correlations between past and present illustration, Nostalgia and Progress includes the work of some of ECA’s very own staff and alumni, including Programme Director Jonathon Gibbs.

To find out more:

nostalgia and progress


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