February Mini Exhibitions

Happy Monday everyone.

In the ECA Illustration Department we are kicking of the week with two new mini exhibitions. The Illustration studio is now home to ‘Bright and Early’ and ‘Boxes’, both collated from different projects completed by students of the Illustration Department in the past ten years. The Illustration Archive of past work is an excellent resource for research and inspiration, we look forward to finding new and exciting ways of sharing archival with our current students.

Bright and Early


cXQDvLmwpuCCeEICXbW9OPxov-9xbf_SsKFStc-8s4E KozYU8L7wy0JtW7G-nbyUwpiLOQ5KD_WdkR4ibQvtyk C8BO85lZaGTtrJxA9lDnx4dOE1G4RytqY_-OIGAHChU HMa8OIgTuKfKB_z8m-KPyo_xQcKcbf_B30ySN-9vcWY  p093RRQZgFVbUy-FnA52OwHImEDR0U7gjCRLOYtMItQ hRBXuIZtVkmykOfhCz7c9r3YfOtaqPdom7esP5P5iK4


MISOpY3g9mHU2j2TgFBk9qbsJ97BCB14SPfR7eV6yPw  4l0Zx7Kws0T3BlG0Kf3oWrkwxGfTGkQQryFTvd__TSA 9vaY_mDMJ8CtzvIIkXpQRcc56ZfO1CvdngPtrfPNeH8 edJHpng6Qn0VaB3ZunTTgwvgMwh4MLB_dobpzRL4_Cs JK83qO66rv26r_yzh79ZftuA6hCfARuEi4T84p53YlU


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