Meet the Residents 2: Laura Darling

Hello! It’s been a busy time for me of late. I am a near obsessive planner, and after the New Year I enjoyed drafting out a new batch of lists, sub-lists, objectives and timetables. This activity always makes me feel more organised.

What followed was the inevitable period of staring at a blank page, unable to decide what to do. Because though I love the planning – if I task myself with working on a particular project that day I instantly want to work on ANYTHING else. Something that usually helps is a good old deadline, and the first one that came up was for the Kelpies Design Illustration Prize. The book was The Hill of the Red Fox by Allan Campbell McLean and is set on Skye during the Cold War. I wanted to explore the mystery of the plot through the layout, and chose to show elements of the text as clues.
Soon after I’d finished this I was thrilled to find out I had been picked by Edinburgh City Council to illustrate their Early Years Music Resource. This was a fantastic opportunity with a very tight deadline which I really enjoyed.
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