Meet the Residents 2: Sorcha Fitzgerald

Hello! Here are some of the things I have been getting up to recently:

Currently I am working on a personal project illustrating The Girl Without Hands, which is a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. I am using mono print to make these (this won’t be a surprise for those of you who know I spent pretty much my entire fourth year solely working in this medium and have somehow managed to avoid becoming averse to it). I’ve really enjoyed having the time to experiment a lot more with this process and feel I have discovered various new ways of working in mono print. I also now have a large stack of predominantly dodgy prints that will probably be used to wrap gifts for unlucky family members and friends for years to come!





I have just created a piece of work that will be in a permanent exhibition at Simpson House, a counselling centre in Edinburgh that helps individuals and families who have been affected by drug abuse. I am delighted to be able to donate my work to an organisation that provides such a beneficial service to the community. For no particular reason, I really wanted to make a collage of a jungle scene, which fortunately is well suited to the décor in the children’s therapy room.



I’ve also been keeping my ceramic work ticking over and made some decorations just before Christmas, which you can take a peek at in the photos below if you so wish.




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