Illustration Meets Comedy

Last night the Illustration staff and students ventured out of the studio and into the wild world of experimental comedy!

As their final major project for the year, our first years have been exploring a broad variety of storytelling techniques. Experiencing everything from traditional scottish tales from kilted storytellers to a chilled afternoon listening for the narratives in a folk music performance. Our budding illustrators are then given free reign to create an illustrated response to the week’s event. The finished pieces have ranged from traditional to conceptual to the completely fantastical, reflecting the vast range of interests and specialisms within the year group.

This week we visited ‘Electric Tales’ at the heart of Edinburgh’s comedy scene, The Stand Comedy Club. Described as ‘a blended mix of comedy and storytelling, a night of funny yarns and verse told by a range of performers, with the sole aim of cheering you up’ we knew we were in for enjoyable evening. The show offered our illustrators a variety of starting points for their individual projects, from risqué tales to fully costumed impersonations of Susan Boyle. Drawing throughout, both staff and students took inspiration from the venues buzzing atmosphere, producing energetic and responsive sketches of the comedians and audience.

We look forward to sharing the students’ developed illustrations, grown from this unique form of storytelling event. A huge thanks to The Stand for allowing us share in your creativity and for the endless amount of cheer and laughs (many at our expense).





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