Artist in Residence Andrea Popyordanova shows her work at Joseph Pearce

Hello all, I am Andrea, one of ECA’s recent graduates in Illustration and an Artist in Residence.

As a result of frequent visits to my favorite café-bar Joseph Pearce and a few conversations with the owners, my most recent work is up that bar, situated on Elm Row, top of Leith Walk, for the next six months.

Not only will you have a chance to have a look my collages based on south American short stories, and my cocktail screenprints, you will see them all in a very informal ambiance, while having a one of their delicious Swedish cocktails or simply a Gin & Tonic; they’re quite an amazing drinks bar.

You will also learn a bit more on how to make cocktails yourself, possibly meet a few Swedish regulars or Leith locals and hear some great live music – if you go on a Sunday evening.

There will be more pieces going up in the next weeks, so you could go even a few times, which I recommend.

How to get to the bar?

Just cross the North Bridge and then head down in the direction of Leith/the Omn i Center. As soon as you walk past the Omni center continue further down until you reach Elm Row, and Joseph Pearces is right at the corner of that street.



gintonic-1_o 11132455_10153206447506112_1226917780_o_1433


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