Work in Progress with Jim Hutcheson of Birlinn Books

Our studio is busy this morning with a pop up crit for a project led by Harvey Dingwall and visiting lecturer Jim Hutcheson, creative director of Birlinn. As part of their studio practice our third year students are presenting their work in progress and receiving valuable feedback from a publishing expert.

Students were asked to illustrate a section of James Hogg’s ‘The private memoires and confessions of a justified sinner’.  A dark gothic crime novel with an innovative structure written from the perspective of the editor or sinner himself. Written in 1824 it is reflective of the passion and innovation of the period.
Each student was given an about a 3000 word section of the book to illustrate over x4 A3 landscape pages ie x2 double page spreads. From this they were to select pull quotes or small blocks of text to be placed alongside their illustrations. The challenge is to create a dynamic and engaging layout.


1 2 3 412  6 7 8 10 11


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