Field Trip: Oban 2015!

Thirty three students of Stage 2 Illustration recently travelled to the West coast for a four-day drawing trip in Oban. The ‘Gateway to the Islands’ provided students with a varied landscape from which to draw and collect artefacts, ranging from farmland and beaches to cathedrals and shipyards. ‘Logbook’ was the project they were set, asking them to explore the environment each day and return with their findings for discussion each evening.

image 6

To begin, the students were assigned a random spot on a map of the surrounding area. Once in their unknown destination, these 33 illustrators employed a variety of methods to draw, explore and collect. The aim was to promote creativity by limiting each students ability to roam and explore, resulting in highly detailed and unique examinations of particular places.

image 1

Sophie Demery came away with a sketchbook full of experiments in rhythm and shape.

image 2

Andy Robinson’s drawings from Oban are full of an expressive, nervous energy.

image 3

Harry Whitelock produced a number of drawings that capture the sounds and space of a location in abstract line work.

image 4

image 5

The work is currently up in our studio alongside found objects from Oban.

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