Unspoken – visual narratives

‘Unspoken’ is a first year Illustration project inspired by the Impressionist Room at the Scottish National Gallery. Students were each assigned a painting from the room and asked to create a three piece sequential, wordless narrative based on their research; this included a detailed study of the artwork on location as well as more background research into the artist and his times.

Students were asked to explore composition, and the use of colour and mark-making in their assigned painting. Gestural effects, colour palette and Impressionist painting techniques were explored in a series of workshops, one of which was led by artist in residence Joanna Srokol. Workshop results were then scanned and digitally assembled, and a limited colour palette applied in a first introduction to Photoshop.

The result is a collection of vivid storytelling; below are some examples of student’s work alongside the original paintings.

Sherry Ye & Monet’s Boats in Harbourunspoken-a



Kat Cassidy and Cezanne’s Montagne Sainte-Victoireunspokendraft2-a



Claudia Carreras and Sisley’s Molesey Weir, Hempton Court



Geraldine Sawyer and Seurat’s Study for Bathers at Asnières thumbnail_final-composition-2img_4264


Vivian Chen and Guigou’s The Olive Trees 




Heidi Tamminen and Luce’s Lucie Couturier in her Garden print



Emily Lowes and Van Gogh’s Olive Trees




Carolina Haraki and Viullard’s The Pink Bedroom finalprint-aimg_4280


Rory Lee and Viullard’s The Open window



Mel Grandidge and Cezanne’s The Big Trees 




Hollie Middleton and Monet’s Vetheuil hollie-sequence-monet-a



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