First Year’s Poetry

Our first year illustrators have taken pen to paper and made their own series of illustrated poetry while exploring inventive layout, new methods of research and experimental image-making.

Inspiration was found in different genres of poetry, such as personal, nonsensical, satirical, political, dada, surrealist and beat poetry to name a few. Illustrations were based on students own writing, some of which was generated through word games, and explored the complex relationship between word and image.

During visits to the Scottish poetry library, ECA’s artists’ books collection as well as a drawing and research trip along Edinburgh’s Royal Mile students were able to gather further inspiration and make first-hand observations which fed directly into their projects.

For many of the group the project served as a first introduction to creative writing and digital page layout. At the end of the project students were asked to submit a printed artefact which frames all the work they have done; to build a sequence or structure which communicates their creative journey.



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