Edinburgh in Colour

Written by 3rd year Illustration student Savannah Petrie, the main illustrator of ‘Edinburgh in Colour’.

I first heard about the ‘Edinburgh in Colour’ colouring book project through an email that was sent around: the organisers were running an illustration competition. I thought that seeing as I do a lot of line drawing that could be the right style for a colouring book, I’d give it a go. I think it’s great to try to do competitions or commissions outside of your course work because it gives you a chance to expand your portfolio, and try things you might not have done before. I really enjoyed creating illustrations for various places around Edinburgh, and it’s exciting to see my work printed in a book!

The colouring book was organised by a group of business students at Edinburgh University, as a way to raise money for Children 1st, a Scottish children’s charity. The books are now printed and for sale, and over £2500 has been raised already! Many artists/illustrators from ECA have submitted work to this book, and there’s also lots of information about the charity and Edinburgh itself.

The fundraising colouring book project was mentioned in the following articles: Edinburgh College of Art and The University of Edinburgh and is available to buy through Etsy and other shops around Edinburgh including the EUSA shop and local galleries in Edinburgh (Fruitmarket gallery and Summer Hall) as well as Pop-up shops at Edinburgh Grassmarket.

The illustrations below were submitted by Savannah Petrie and Ella Bruty.



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