ReimagiNation – Cumbernauld Stories illustrated

ReimagiNation: ECA students illustrate stories of life in Cumbernauld

Throughout the year Edinburgh International Book Festival hits the road with an exciting program of events and activities called ‘Booked!’. Bringing the excitement and energy of the book festival to towns across Scotland, ‘Booked!’ brings together authors, artists and audiences to celebrate words, images and ideas.

This semester ECA illustration students collaborated with ‘Booked!’ as part of a project titled ‘ReimagiNation’, which aims to capture the stories of people living in Edinburgh’s New Towns. Third year illustration students travelled to Cumbernauld where they took part in a day of illustrating with pupils from four of Cumbernauld’s primary schools. The pupils had written stories with author Mike Nicholson and the illustration students helped them to bring these to life using a variety of art materials and approaches to image making. The subject matter and storylines varied, but all were lively and imaginative. One story saw a wicked witch reveal her true identity in a terrifying twist, while another involved an arcade game with the power to take you back in time…

It was a very fast paced and entertaining day, with the students and pupils working together to complete all four books within the tight timeframe. Cumbernauld News came along to document the day. You can read the article and see our huge group photo here:

The final images and texts will be on show at the festival in Cumbernauld on the 20th and 21st May. For more information about ‘ReimagiNation’ and the rest of the ‘Booked!’ program of events visit the website:


Booked17Cumb - eoincarey_0172Booked17Cumb - eoincarey_0196Booked17Cumb - eoincarey_0201Booked17Cumb - eoincarey_0240Booked17Cumb - eoincarey_0246Booked17Cumb - eoincarey_0297Booked17Cumb - eoincarey_0403

Photo credits: Eoin Carey


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