Featured on our blog today is Boris Lee, who is graduating soon from our MFA2 course. You can find more of his work at borischlee.tumblr.com

image 4Hello, I am Boris, I am a self-taught illustrator and a story maker. My works are symbolic, metaphorical and naïve, and I focus on picturebooks. I have a bachelor degree in Russian literature and language, before I dedicated myself to picture books, I was dreaming to become a writer. When I was studying Russian, I realised that words cannot fully express myself, then I found picture books. The picture book is the perfect medium for me, I can combine my love of story and my passion for art together, and I am obsessed with the relationship between words and pictures.

image 3

I usually work with oil pastels, drawing with oil pastels reminds me of my childhood, it makes me feel that I become a child again. All my pictures are stories that are waiting to be understood. I want to create images and stories that are consoling and emotive, and to lead both adults and children to an imaginary world, where they can experience the real world with simplicity and childlike innocence. Using imaginations to reshape reality and using colours to express emotions are two main concepts of my art. I hope my works can bring peace and happiness to every reader, and set everyone’s imaginations free.

image 1image 2


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