This week on the blog we have Narudee Ingavat, aka Ordinary Nadee, a soon-to-be graduate of our MFA2 course.

A Working Desk

I do believe that there must be something special hidden in the simple things which surrounds us. “Ordinary Daydreams” is a GIFs & Loop animations project created in the final year of my MFA degree. Inspired from everyday objects that contain nostalgic feelings and memories of my childhood, this project aims to re-interpret objects surrounding me in the new way by blending the real world with my imagination where fish swims in the air and a bathtub is a huge swimming pool.

The Immortal Twins

Our world is too stressful, materialistic and commercial. Hence, I would like to create something filled with stories from our own imagination, so please escape from the real world and indulge yourself for a while in my extraordinary ordinary daydreams.

Swans Swimming

Please see more updated works on my Instagram @ordinarynadee



Jelly Bear


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