Illustration students at the Edinburgh Book Festival

Earlier in the year our 3rd year Illustrators paid a visit to 4 different primary schools in Cumbernauld, as part of Edinburgh International Book Festival’s outreach programme booked! that delivers creative workshops to communities across Scotland.

The project saw the students working alongside the pupils, collaboratively illustrating stories that they wrote with the support of author Mike Nicholson, resulting in an exciting mixture of everyone’s drawings. As a follow up form this project students Terri Po and Madeleine Pinkerton were selected to do a live drawing event with Mike on stage at this year’s Book Festival.

The team worked in front of 350 primary school children with the aim to show how easy it is to develop a story about just anything. Mike, Terri and Madeleine responded to the children’s ideas with on the spot storytelling and illustrating.


At the end the pupils got to pick their favourite drawings and ask the artists questions about how they developed their drawing skills. The students explained that they were still learning and always would be, and that learning was an ongoing process. The audience was full of aspiring illustrators and storytellers, and we look forward to perhaps seeing some of them in our college studios in a few years time!


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