Painting workshop with AR Sarah Sheard

Some afternoon painting fun in the studio – as part of a current painting-inspired project, our first years have taken part in an experimental painting exercise led by Artist in Residence Sarah.

Students were paired up and asked to sit back to back. One side was given an image of a painting, which they then have to describe to their partner (without naming the painting or artist if they knew it). The painting partner then painted the description they heard.

The challenge for the describer was to put into words what they saw in the painting and to give as much information about how they believe it would have been created; what kind of brushstrokes were applied, is the style realistic? Are there many layers of colour? Do you think it was made quickly? What’s the mood of the painting?

The painters on the other side had to ask further questions; for example what is meant by ‘a yellow circle’, is it a perfect circle or a bit wobbly? Is the yellow completely flat or can they see some texture? How do they think the texture is made? What sort of yellow? Lemony yellow or orangey yellow?

This workshop was designed to help students really think about what they see and discover different methods of using colour and painterly mark-making. And at the end of it all the group were able to share their experience and have a good laugh – here are the results:





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