The object of illustration

We like to push the boundaries of illustration, to show the students that illustration is more than just a drawing or print. They are encouraged to seek out and develop different mediums and inventive design solutions. To try to bring in new mediums to their practice and through that become more versatile illustrators. For this second year project there was a great emphasise on material, where students where asked to create an object or 3 dimensional illustration that responded to a word they selected. The choices were Fear, Displaced, Scaffold and Solitude.

The task hinged on identifying and using a medium they felt best suited the narrative they were trying to construct. So the project both had a strong focus on developing new skills as well as being able to judge the most effective use of your material knowledge and applying that to the brief at hand.

It’s so interesting to see illustrators adapting their practice to a 3D medium. hope you enjoy.


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