Long Story Short- Task 2

During this year’s end of year pop-up show the first year illustrators at the ECA displayed their collective work from the last semester, and are doing it in style.

As part of task 2 for their project ‘Long Story Short’, they visited the home of the eccentric sculpture and collector, Duncan Robertson. They were asked to explore his Aladdin’s cave of a house and to pick out one object of particular interest each. A plant? An antique vase? Duncan himself? Whatever their heart so pleased.
After discussing the story of the object with Duncan, they each then did some individual research into it, and were then asked to create a Haiku poem that reflected it. What is a Haiku you ask? An old Japanese poem that consists of three lines, in the order of 5, 7, 5 syllables. This had to compliment an illustration of their object in an interesting and personal way, which resulted in an eclectic mirage of wonderful outcomes.

Now, the printing process. They printed their work in a booklet using risograph printing, which is a sustainable way to mass print illustrations for a low budget: perfect for the environmentally conscious, struggling student.
They decided to print their risograph booklets in shades of red and blue. Despite this somewhat limited colour palette, the students each managed to produce pieces that were incredibly unique, reflecting the individuality of the student and their style.

The class took their collective booklets to the Bookmarks fair, where they sold a proud amount. What are they going to get with this money? Food of course. And drinks. So come visit them at their studio in evolution house, room 4.16, for some free tasty treats, as well as a feast for your eyes!
See you there!


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