Wood engraving masterclass with Jonathan Gibbs

On June 25th and 26th Hannah, Jenny, Tongye, Pei, Pranisha, Sean, and Colette, spent the day making wood engravings and printing from the blocks.

This has been a two-day workshop in the Stage 1 Illustration studio. Jonathan Gibbs demonstrated by engraving a block and making a print.  There was discussion about the history and practice of woodblock printmaking with reference to Albrecht Dürer, Thomas Bewick, and Katushika Hokusai.

The group talked about contemporary artists who make prints using wood in a variety of ways. Every student used a small practice block to try out the engraving tools. Then they worked on 55 x 7mm Lemonwood blocks. We also experimented with Trotec, which is a material that engraves well and gives a good impression.

Using this process, birds, people, animals, insects, landscapes, relationships and battles have been excellently illustrated by these Masters students.

2018-06-26 11.25.022018-06-26 11.25.432018-06-26 11.26.072018-06-26 11.27.202018-06-26 11.26.38


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