This year we have been working on an exciting project called WW100 founded by the Scottish Commemorations Panel. It involves young people from over Scotland and aims to commemorate 100 years since the First World War.

Lateral North have been working on the project alongside the Scottish Print Network and the 5 print workshops in Scotland. Edinburgh Printmakers approached ECA illustration to invite 20 of our students to become a fifth of the 100 young people who have been invited to create a print inspired by a Scottish story from WW1.

20 current students and graduates were each given a story and were asked to produce a print using a printmaking method that required a matrix. A variety of printmaking processes were used from collagraph, photo etching, linocut to woodcut. The finished prints will be bound into a book, each print workshop in Scotland creating their own book of 20 prints.

The project aimed to to bring all 100 stories together to create a printmaking tapestry of Scotland. This will be delivered as an abstracted, sculptural map of Scotland which will allow visitors to meander around the coast and in between the islands to uncover the 100 stories developed by participants. All 100 print matrixes created by students from across Scotland will be integrated into the final sculptural piece and the 100 corresponding prints will be displayed alongside for visitors to refer to. The exhibition will be displayed in Scottish Parliament in June 2019.

The Scottish Commemorations Panel

Lateral North 

Edinburgh Printmakers

Scottish Print Network

Below you can see some photographs of the final submission of work from Edinburgh based printmakers.




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